Need Advice for Fundraising to Earn a Race Entry


My friend is considering running for a charity to fundraise and earn a race entry into the Disneyland 10k! During our volunteer shift at the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, we planned to run the Disneyland 10k together.  Unfortunately she wasn’t able to register before it filled up!  Have any of you ever earned a race entry by meeting a certain monetary goal?  Many of the charities that still have slots open require about $600 of fundraising in a few months.

 I told my friend I would help blog about it to spread the word, but I don’t know if it will generate enough money.  One idea I had was to offer those who donated a certain amount additional entries into my blogiversary giveaway in June (since she needs to raise money before August).  For the giveaway, I was thinking of a sparklysoul headband and sparkly skirt type deal (suggestions and connections welcome!). But again I don’t know if that would be enough of an incentive. Also, if you would be interested and able to donate, would you mind writing in the comments how much that might be, so I can get an idea of funding possibilities? I wish I had known the 10k would fill up so fast, I would have registered her after I completed mine 😦 Thanks!!

Any additional tips/suggestions for those who have successfully done something like this?


4 thoughts on “Need Advice for Fundraising to Earn a Race Entry

  1. I’m going to guess it’s hard for people to respond as to whether they would donate or not without knowing what the charity is. Kellie from Will Run for Ears fundraised for the Disneyland races last year and she had a great experience, pretty sure she wrote a few posts about it if you or your friend wants to check them out.

    Also, I know $600 sounds like a fairly large amount to have to raise, but it’s very doable, all those small donations really add up quickly, I’m sure she’d have no problem with it!

    • Thanks for your input, I just had no idea how people are able to do that. Great for your friend who accomplished it though! My friend just told me she would rather not try to raise that much since none of the charities she looked into were really something close to her heart (though they are all good causes!) and yes I suppose if she had found one she really felt a bond with, like you said the little amounts would add up quickly 🙂

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