Full Medal Runs: The Bling!

A few months ago, I first blogged about Full Medal Runsthen, I’ve participated in two of their races! Since my second race medal came in the mail last week, I can write my post about the bling 🙂

full medal runs2

A couple weeks after the Turkey Trot 10k, I got the gold medal you see above on the left.  The Purple Princess 10k medal was supposed to arrive around then as well, but Nichell informed us participants that she wasn’t happy with the way the manufacturer produced that medal.  It took a bit longer since she had to find a different company to do it, but I think it was worth the wait since it turned out great!  Overall, Full Medal Runs is a GREAT place to do virtual races since profits go to the charity that you sign up for and you get a nice ~3″ diameter medal (made of metal!). Plus when you receive your medal, Nichell packages the medals for protection in bubble wrap envelope. She also includes some goodies like bandaids, Road ID coupon and Emergen C.

If you are interested in their races, you can check out their website: Full Medal Runs.com and like their FB page! Also, they have a private running group for you to post your official race time/distance after completion (see their public FB page for more info).  Nichell just started her own blog, which you can read by clicking here.  She has a very toughing and inspirational story for how/why Full Medal Runs began   New races every day and participants are automatically entered in a giveaway every month (for the month run you sign up for!). From shoe bling to garmins, there are some really cool prizes! I encourage you to check out Full Medal Runs out today!


Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own. I received half off registration for blogging about the virtual races.


4 thoughts on “Full Medal Runs: The Bling!

    • If you go to their site and click about, there are FAQs about how to participate. You can sign up for a race, track your mileage and post it on their FB group page or if you do a longer run, you can just track the mileage over the time it took to complete that many miles and then post that on the FB group. There is no competition for speed, you do the race whenever and wherever you choose.

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