Coastal 5k/10k Race Recap

Last weekend, my mom and I walked our first 10k together while my grandma walked the 5k at the Coastal 5k/10k race!


During the tweedles costume making process for the weekend prior at the Neverland 5k, we also made my grandma a collar, bowtie and hat to wear so she could be tweedle Mum! And yes, we donned our costumes a second weekend in a row, why not?

Bib Pickup & Parking Event Day

This is a smaller local race so you had the option to pick up your bib race day, but if you ordered a prepaid parking pass, you had to pick it up at the California Bank (no expo).  We managed to park in the lot closest to the start/finish which was good for my grandmother and general convenience.   Before the race, we picked up lots of free goodies like protein bars, breakfast bars, puffed egg whites (like a cheetos chip but made with egg), bagel, and entered into a California Banks sponsored drawing for a large gift basket.  The 5k runners were scheduled to start at 8, but it started late since there was a group warm up in the parking lot.  It didn’t finish till after 8 and then those participating had to walk up the large steep hill to get to the road to start.  It would have been nice to know ahead of time since that kind of asphalt incline covered in sand concerned my grandma. There didnt seem to be an option to shuttle people up to the start, I suppose they assume if you can walk a flat 5k course you can walk up a steep hill to the start line?

5k & 10k races

IMG_4487Anyway, we got up there early and waited till the 5kers started.  We wished my grandma luck and she was off!  About 10min later, we saw the front runners  blow by and we cheered them on as they sprinted down the road.  It was a little weird since us 10kers lined on the other side of the start line, I suppose to go in the same direction ask the 5kers? Just before we started, we cheered my grandma as she walked by! Soon after we began the 10k and all the runners passed us by (we stayed far right).  It was just the run/walkers and complete walkers in the back.  We noticed that the majority of  people in both races ran.  We caught up to my grandma before her turn off to go down to the finish and kept a steady <15min/mi pace through the entire race.  The downside about this course is that the streets are sloped downward. Even though we started walking toward the middle after the runners went by, it did make my left lower IT band flare up :/ Along the course, we got lots of compliments on the outfits. Some people knew that Disneyland had a few races the previous weekend and made the connection, but some people had no idea who we were supposed to be. Apparently since Pepperdine is a sponsor, people asked if we were alums because there is some tradition to wear a necktie or bowtie to mark you as an alum.

When we got to about mi 4.5, I could see my grandma with her ensemble in the parking lot below along the finish line and waved.  Soon after, we heard names being called for the raffle: the guy called about 3 names with nobody claiming the prize and then the next name we heard was my moms name! Fortunately my grandma was at the finish area, so she was able to claim the prize for us, but it seemed unfair that they would start the raffle when at least 1/3 of the people were still on the course. It seemed like they started it 45min after the start of the 10k, so even if I had run the 10k I still would have missed the entire raffle.  We kept on walking along and crossed the finish line at 1:30:00!

Post Race

Coastal 10kAfter we met up with my grandma, we found out she placed first in her age group, so she got a medal! Way to go grandma! We then headed back to the car to check out the gift basket, what a prize!!  Overall it was a fun day, especially since both my mom and grandma got prizes!! Not sure if I’d do this particular race again since its a little loosey goosy on start times (sun came out and got alot warmer, would have been less of an issue if they had started on time), but a portion of the race entry feed went to a good cause (supporting local high school track teams).

Do you like to do small local races once in a while?


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