Capital City Classic 10k Race Recap

Whoa where did the time go???? Guess when you move to a new city, start a new job, continue to work on your thesis and still train, life goes by SUPER quick! Yes I’m long overdue for a new blog post, so here it is! On Sunday I did a local 10k event called Capital City Classic through the Change of Pace Foundation. Read on to find out how it went!


Registration and Packet Pick-up

A month or so ago I was looking for a local 10k in order to PR by a good 5 min or so because I am in the works for planning a trip to Florida to do the Princess Half Marathon next Feb! I want a better time than I usually have for half marathon pacing so that I can get into a better corral (they have about 15 now….). So finding one in downtown Sacramento was just perfect! The registration fee was super cheap so I opted to pay an extra $5 for a medal and another extra $5 to upgrade to a technical tee (no thanks on cotton shirts). On Saturday I went to the local Sports Authority to pick up my bib and shirt. Have to say for only a small cost to upgrade I’m super happy with the shirt I got! Love the color, style and fit!


IMG_4714It was fairly easy to find a place to park on R street (south of Crocker Park) especially since I got there an hour before the race around 7am.  No meter fee on Sundays, yay! When I got to Crocker park, volunteers were still checking in and EZ-up stations were still being assembled.  There wasn’t much in the way of activities to participate in before the race, so I found a nice spot on the grass (brought a towel) and did 20 min of yoga to warm up. After, I checked my stuff into the sweats check, though the line was long and windy and I didn’t know where the end was so I might have cut a portion? (sorry if that was the case!) Then I spent about 7 min in line to pee…for hundreds of people, having more than 15 porta potties might have made it more streamlined. However, I didn’t have to wait long to start since I killed time in the other lines. There are no corrals for this race, it is just based on self placement near pace signs (I stood near 10min/mi sign.   The race event had various distances, 5k, 10k, 10 mile and a few shorter distances for families and small kids. The 5k, 10k, and 10 miler all started at 8 (see screen shot of the 10k route on right).

The Race

Fortunately the weather came through and it was ideal for a race. Yes it was gloomy, but it was cool (60s) with a light breeze.  The first mile or so went through an industrial area (hmm…) but once we got to the river, there were some gorgeous views! Participants ran over two historic bridges, ran through Old Sac, enjoyed the downtown skyline and dodged lots of goose poop near one of the parks along the river. The majority of the race was along the 10k course, with 5k-ers making an early U turn and the 10 milers taking extra loops here and there that would join back up with the 10k course.  There were lots of ROTC volunteers from the local university to direct runners depending on their distance.  This race does have water stations, but not alot of crowds cheering you on (though the volunteers were great!). About half the course was on paved asphalt/concrete, but the other half on trail/gravel conditions so it was a nice blend of terrain. The only part I did NOT care for was the segment in Old Sac where we ran over the walkway made out of large wood ties (like the ones used in rail roads). It was a bit dizzying with all the grain lines/texture because it was necessary to keep eyes just ahead of where your feet would land in order to avoid hitting an area where the wood was splintering and uneven.  Overall I did enjoy the race 🙂

Post Race

After I ran through the finisher’s chute, I headed over to the line to pick up my medal and to another line to pick up some food.  For the cheap cost of the race it was so nice to see real food! Unlike Disney where it all comes in a package (except for the bananas). Granted it was mostly fruit, but hey I’m a fruit kind of girl!  When I had all my grub, I headed up to an empty EZ-up area to stretch (covered and vacant). Apparently this was a smart thing to do since I was stretching on the ground when the other smaller family style races started from the center of the park (not in the street like my race). Had I gone anywhere else to stretch, I would have been in the middle of the participant wave!

As I was heading back, I decided to check my phone to see if the race results were online yet. Yep! The first time I checked I saw that my time was 1:06:25 (first number listed). Later when I actually clicked my name to look at my splits I saw that my actual ‘net’ time was 1:05:50!!! Either way I PR’d and improved since my last 10k in January at Disneyland! Totally met my goal of shaving off time, I PR’d by 5 min 20 sec! Woot woot!

IMG_4712Exciting Things to Come!

Monday May 5th (yes that would be Cinco de Mayo) I am DEFENDING MY THESIS! aka giving a presentation, last step before turning in thesis for finishing my Master’s!

My dog’s paw is healing well, the bandage is off and now just has to form a scab in order to be done with the cone of shame.

I have exciting reviews to post, coming in a few weeks 🙂

P.S. It’s been in the 90s here this week. I’m melting. (remember I’ve otherwise lived within a mile of the ocean my ENTIRE life :S )

Hope everyone is doing well! I’ll have to catch up on all of you starting late May!
(gotta graduate, soooo close!)


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