SportRx Sunglasses Review

Do you have an eye prescription? Have you ever tried prescription sunglasses? For the first time, as of the past month, yes! Not only are prescription sunglasses from SportRx AMAZING, they are down the best sunglasses I have ever worn! Read more to find out why these Oakley RPM Edge sunglasses are my go-to for Triathlon training!


Who is SportRx?

SportRx is a Southern California based company created by opticians who ride their bikes, run their races, push their jogging strollers and bomb down slopes. We love glasses and enjoying life and want to help you see better while doing the things you love.

They are also the industry leader in performance prescription sunglasses that can be customized for individual prescription needs and conditions. For many prescription wearers it is difficult or even impossible to get the sunglasses they want to work with their prescription range. SportRx has the highest capability of anyone on the market and carries all major brands (Ray Ban, 7Eye, Bolle, Dragon, Spy, Oakley).

Their mission?

Our mission is to create the perfect eyewear for your specific needs. (And its true, at least for me!).

The Process: Matching you with your perfect pair of sunglasses

I was set up to have a call with their Sports Optician (also an athlete) to help me get matched with the right pair for running and cycling. During the call, he suggested some different Oakley frames and lens tints that would be suited for my training needs. What’s awesome about SportRx is that they can send you  few pairs to try on (free!) and you just send back the ones that don’t work out (free!) before you buy!   Since I was/am still new to my new job area (and sometimes packages aren’t be delivered to my house), I opted to go a different route and just try on the suggested sunglasses models at a local Oakley store.

The guy at the Oakley store was really helpful in helping me find the different suggested Oakley models. I ended up really liking the look and the fit of the Oakley RPM Edge and loved that they wraped slightly around my face (to reduce incident light that may get into your peripheral vision).  The slight square “edge” that upturns toward the outside and the “Chocolate Sin” color was the combination most flattering for my oval and freckly face! 

After I picked out my preferred sunglasses, I had my eye dr fax my Rx to SportRx (required) and then emailed their Sports Optician the Oakley model/color I chose. It came in less than 2 weeks!

oakley edge

My Oakley RPM Edge specs:

  • Color: Chocolate sin
  • Tint: Rose + polarized (aids in visibility in shade and cuts down on glare)

Testing them out

Triathlon Training: For over a month now, I’ve been training heavily on the weekends for my Tri for Fun Series (first race was at end of May).  Its been wonderful NOT having to put in my contacts before my bike, run or bike +  run sessions, one less thing for me to do! Just put on my Oakley RPM Edge sunglasses and go (mostly)! The sunglasses do not slip or bounce when I bike or run, nor have they fogged up on me.  I do like the rose tint since I have noticed a slight increase in shadow visibility (some of my bike ride is along a tree laden street). Not having to worry about sunglasses issues allows me to focus more on proper body alignment and getting in my miles. They’ve been amazing! Plus I’m pretty sure I go faster with awesome looking sunglasses 🙂

Walking:  In the evenings during the weekdays, I enjoy taking a walk especially since the daylight hours are longer.  I usually get tired of wearing my contacts by the time I get home, but its so nice having a prescription pair of sunglasses around to remedy that!


Verdict: YES!

I HIGHLY encourage you to invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses for everyday and active/athletic use! SportRx has been a wonderful company to work with and I am SO THANKFUL for this opportunity to review their sunglasses.  They are on my face every evening when I walk and every weekend during my bike, run or bike and run training sessions. My Oakley RPM Edge sunglasses are durable, come in a protective zip hardcase, and have a nice sleeve to sleep in when I turn them in for the night.  I definitely plan to wear them for my upcoming Disney Challenge (running) and my duathlon this fall!

SportRx is super friendly, so I also highly encourage you to call (888-831-5817) or email them them today to ask about how YOU can get matched with your perfect pair!  They have numerous models (Ray Ban, 7Eye, Bolle, Dragon, Spy, Oakley), styles, tints and ability to apply a prescription to alot of the sunglasses they offer on their website. If you want to keep up on SportRx ‘happening’ they have a blog and email subscription service!

Check SportRx out today!


Disclaimer: SportRx provided me a pair of custom Oakley Rx sunglasses for testing and review purposes. However all opinions expressed are my own. 


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