Disneyland Half Marathon EXPO 2014 Recap and Costumes Revealed

Welcome to the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend 2014!  Ok so at the end of last year’s Disneyland Half Marathon recap I may have said I wouldn’t necessarily do this race again due to the time of year/weather, but I’ve been living in a hotter climate and this time I’m doing the Dumbo Double Dare! Here’s how this expo went and how it wasn’t a dumbo debacle like 2013.


Bib & Shirt Pick-up

Record time, ever! Went to the expo Fri morning and arrived right at 9am.  Downtown Disney parking lot was still only partially full, so it was easy to find a parking spot in the shade.  Walked up to the underground area to pick up the bib, no lines anywhere and was in the expo with 5 min tops!

Picked up my shirts and LOVE the fit and colors! SO MUCH better than last year’s unisex sizes.

EXPO swag

As for expo shopping, I was hoping to get some dark purple ProCompression Marathon socks for the race, but they only had dark purple calf sleeves (not the same feeling when I tried them on) or lavender socks with yellow striped top. But my mom and I got a couple pairs of their new brightly colored running socks instead! I did get the other item on my list, a purple sparky visor from Sparkle Athletic!

My mom and I noticed that there was NO line to get into the official runDisney merchandise area, so we walked around (gawked at the prices) and decided we weren’t missing out on much on the previous races. Plus there was maybe a 6 person line for checkout? If I did want anything, I would have hit a perfect time to purchase. Next year, I will be buying the 2015 Princess Coast to Coast shirt since I will be doing that challenge 🙂

Costume Reveal Time: Time to get Tangled!

For the 10k I’m going to be Pascal and for the half, I’m going to be Rapunzel!  I actually hadn’t really seen the movie (brief segments on tv) when I first started making the costumes, but I bought it on iTunes and have watched it a couple times within the last week 🙂  Pascal is SO hilarious! Love that little chameleon.

For those of you wondering how I put the costume together, I’ll make a separate post that goes into more detail. In the meantime, you can look at my info graphics below (click to enlarge)!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!


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