Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend 2014: Disneyland 10k Recap

Dumbo Double Dare Part 1: The Disneyland 10k! Can you believe I challenged myself to walk and not run?

photo 2My mom and I left our house at 4am, got there ~4:40am and didn’t have any traffic getting to the parking structure. I knew that the 1/2 would be different since there would be at least double the number of runners. We again cut over to the left side to pay for parking and got in super quick!

By the time I got to corral C, it was about 5:20am, but I knew I had at least another 20 min before my corral would cross the start line.  My mom apparently found a way to the left side of the corrals from the viewer side, so she followed me as the corrals ahead of me left and gave me one last wave when it was time for me to start the 10k!

Miles 1-3.1

photo 5The first 2 miles were in Anaheim, which was a bit of a surprise (since I didn’t look at the course) because I had intended to just run the first mile until we got into the park. I didn’t have a time goal because I wanted to walk the vast majority of the race to save my legs for the half as much as possible. So when I hit mile one (even though I was still in the city), I started my fast walk.

Just after mile 2, we headed into California Adventure land and I got my only “pose” picture with a Cars Land vehicle, a baby tractor! (it had the shortest line).  Turned out pretty cute! Yes I’m sticking my tongue out 🙂

Miles 3.2-6.2

Sometimes during the race I’d hear people thinking out loud saying something like, “dinosaur ridges?”, so I’d turn around and say “Pascal” 🙂 Got complimented on my ridges and look of my chameleon-esk type running outfit.

Walking the majority of the race allowed me to enjoy the course more than the speedier 10k I did at the Tinker Bell 10k since I got to “be” in the parks longer.  Yes it would have been more fun taking lots of photo ops, but the theme of this race is Lilo & stitch and its not a movie particularly close to my heart (its cute, but I love Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Tangled, and Frozen).  Many photo ops had stitch, elvis, chipmunks or hawaiian shirt dressed people.  Might have been more fitting had I dressed in a Luau costume 🙂

Mostly I enjoyed the atmosphere of the race and watching the creativity of runners passing by. One girl went as full blown ewok and had fur arm sleeves, fur skirt and furry long socks (it was kind of funny running into her at the beginning of the race, half way through and finishing just after her)!

Time: 1:2803
Average Pace: 14:10 min/mi (pretty good for walking most of it!!)

Post Race

I did take a couple post race “posed” photos because its now a tradition of mine.  Pascal is just too CUTE that I had to do 2 of my favorite poses 🙂

Got my red wrist band for the dumbo double dare, part 1 of the challenge is now in the books!


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