Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend 2014: Disneyland Half Marathon Recap

Dumbo Double Dare Part 2: The Disneyland Half Marathon! Toy soldiers, villains and bling galore!!

photo 1My mom and I left at 4am again, got there ~4:40am and it took at least 15 min to get into the parking structure. Fortunately they didn’t charge us for parking this time, yay a FIRST!!!!

By the time I got to corral G, (dropping off sweats & last port-potty) it was about 5:20am, but I knew I had at least another 30 min+ before my corral would cross the start line.  We ended up getting funneled on the left hand side (other side of fence) for our corral, but at least they didn’t make us walk all the way around.  When it was time to move forward, we all just turned around and walked back down the funnel.  My mom went to the left side of the corrals and followed me until my corral crossed the start line again 🙂

Miles 0-4:CA Adventure Land & Disneyland

Apparently I hadn’t attached my hair extension very well (was slipping through my slippery hair), so for the first mile I was dealing with a tangle of a situation.  I did manage to figure out a solution: put the attached hair extension under my tank top and tie it in place with a piece of ribbon I found on the ground. Worked for the whole rest of the race!

First photo-op I took advantage of was around mile 2.5, 3 toy soldiers! They were very energetic and great at cheering us runners on (shouting Oh-Rah) as we ran by!

Some of the other photo-ops with longer lines that I did not take picts with included: Prince Charming and the Step sisters, Maleficient (new), Darth Vader and 2 Storm Troopers, and a couple of the flashy cars in Cars Land.

Miles 5-9: City of Anaheim, Honda Center and Angels Stadium

By mile 5, we were well out of the park and onto the streets of Anaheim.  I was still a bit sore in my shins and left glute from the 10k the day before, so I was working on walk/running and getting through the rest of the miles. It was SO nice though having a group (can’t remember name, something like Team Disney Party) offering us red vines, oranges and COLD SPONGES! So refreshing!!! I carried that sponge till about mile 9 and refilled it with water at each water station.

Around mile 7 we hit the Honda Center where there were again lots of older car models parked along the road. Its pretty cool listening to all different horn sounds and to the owners cheering us on!

Then at mile 9 we started our run through Angel’s Stadium.  It was great having all these Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the crowd again holding out their hands to I’ve us high fives as we run by.  Always  nice to have continual support from race viewers! Plus we got featured on the jumbotron as we ran by and got an up close and personal view of the baseball field!

During this entire chunk of course, since we are out in the middle of Anaheim, we got ALOT of cool groups that cheered us on: local high school bands, cheerleaders and even a spanish dancing troupe! Just want to give a shout-out to all of the wonderful water-station and cheering volunteers along this part of the route!!!

Miles 10-13.1: The trek back to Downtown Disney

Thankfully the sun was still hiding behind the clouds during this last leg so it was LESS FATIGUING than the 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon.  Last year around mile 8 the sun started shining through the clouds and made the last 5 miles pretty miserable for me.

Nothing exciting happened picture wise, BUT around mile 12.5 I was running back onto Disney property when I heard a guy sing from the sideline “And at last I see the light”, which took me a second to get that he was referring to me so as I ran I sang “and its like the fog has lifted!” I hope the dude heard me, it was refreshing to get a quick burst of energy from the singing gesture (now I can say I’ve sung during a Disney race!)! None of the other runners around me seemed phased by my singing, they probably thought it was weird, but oh WELL I loved it!

And soon enough, I was through the finisher’s chute and collecting my medals!

Time: 2:46:31 (didn’t have a time goal, but I thought it would be around 2:45)
Average Pace: 12:42 min/mi (pretty good for sore legs from a 10k the day before!)

Post Race

After I got my wrist band marked in the Dumbo Double Dare tent area and collected my third medal of the weekend, I made my way to the exit to find my mom. Just before leaving, I snagged a couple bags of ice.  After stretching, icing and applying BioFreeze I was ready to take some post race bling photos!

I loved this race weekend from people cheering me on as “Rapunzel” (more obvious character than pascal) and for my mom walking  to all the viewer places to cheer me and others on during legs of the race! A huge shout out to my mom for driving me this entire weekend, love you and thank you!!!!

I conquered the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge, yeah!


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