Rock the 80s 8 mile Race Recap

On Sunday I did a Rock the 80s 8 miler in Elk Grove! Read more to find out how the local race went!

photo 1

Pre-race & Packet Pick-up

A friend was visiting me in Sac and she was kind enough to wake up at 6:30 to drive with me down to the race! We left just after 6:45 and arrived around 7:20. The start/finish area was at a high school, so there was plenty of parking.  After we parked, I went to the bib/shirt pick up area, which went pretty fast, except the lady called me Chris…kinda weird even though my bib has my correct name printed on the back. In the last 20 min to kill before the race start, I applied sunscreen, dropped my bag off at my car and waited in line 15min to use one of the 10 port-a-potties for the 400 some people at the race.  I’m glad I got in line around 7:45 because I literally had a couple min to spare after leaving the port-a-potty to go to the start line and begin the run.  Many runners were concerned they would have to start late because of the enormous bathroom line…


The Race

I started out slow since I was just over being sick with a cold a few days prior (which prevented running/working out for 10 days), but after the first couple miles I started to hit a groove and knew it would be a good race!

The weather was overcast and slightly chilly from the wind, so I never felt overheated.  We had a water station every 2 miles, had some “ghosts” hanging around the course (only one of them was super excited and cheering us on constantly), and 80s music playing. The course was flat, which was nice, but it wasn’t the most scenic route (lots of car dealerships we ran by and empty dirt fields).  There were lots of cops around each corner we turned to keep us safe from traffic.

Many of the runners wore bright clothing of some sort, a few in tutus, leotards, full on exercise video attire and side pony tails. Not like Disney races, but still fun for a local race!

I texted my friend every couple miles to let her know where I was in the course and was surprised to see her just before the finish line! She ran by me to pass me to meet me after the finish and I didn’t try to run any faster to catch her since I did not have fresh legs like she did.  It was nice having a cheering buddy 🙂

80sPostRacePost Race

After I met up with my friend again, I collected my medal, a piece of banana and a few free things from the booths. Then I headed to the car to stretch and take some post race photos! Overall I’m glad I paid $15 to get the medal and the upgraded technical shirt (cute!) since it was a fun local race! I used my $30 voucher from volunteering for the MOO-nlight Half Marathon) to get a big discount!

How was your weekend?


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