Welcome to my blog Master’s to Marathons! 

My name is Nicole and I am a graduate student trying to find balance in my busy life: earning my masters in marine science, owning a cancer surviving three legged dog (we seem to have a plethora of adventures), finding time to exercise and trying to stay sane in the process.

Athletic activities I enjoy:
Running, playing soccer (haven’t in a while), swimming, doing yoga, skiing (cannot snowboard for the life of me), hiking, and walking my dog.  I did enjoy diving, I mean I am a marine scientist and I HAD to get SCUBA certified. And on the to do list:  learn to surf!

Note about SCUBA: After getting certified and having a few diving adventures under my belt, I couldn’t shake my ear clearing problems.  I got tired of going to the docter and taking steroids after every other dive to unclog my #$%^&#^ ears (ENT specialist says inflamed eustachian tubes, probably related to allergies. I’ve done everything possible with regards to decongestants, doesn’t help). One possibility was to be on a low level steroid ‘nasal spray’, but since I wasn’t diving often, I decided it too much of a hassle.  I am glad to have had the opportunity to dive (its awesome!), but I’ve decided to put it aside (not like I don’t have a million other things I do anyway 🙂 )

Other activities I enjoy:
Reading, cooking/baking, eating (esp sweets!), drawing/painting, singing/dancing (I have this delusion that I am somewhat decent at both aforementioned activities), blogging (why I’m here!), anything involving crafts (going to Michaels is dangerous!), and of course getting pampered (massages are a must!). Anything related to ‘other activities’ may fall under the ‘silliness’ category so check there once in a while to see what fun stuff is going on in my life!

Why I love to exercise:
The obvious reason being: staying fit/toned! It also helps me ‘deal’ with life. When I run or swim, I can ‘get away’ and just focus on me. Tune the world out and take a moment for myself. Running is one of the few activities that can really ‘kick my butt’ and whip me into shape. And even though I have exercise induced asthma, I don’t let that slow me down (see below)! I also love that outdoor exercises take me to new places (I certainly traveled A LOT for soccer games/tournaments) and that I can enjoy the beauty around me. I am going to sound spoiled very fortunate because I have lived within walking distance to the beach (no more than 10-15min) my whole life. Probably one of the main reasons I decided to pursue marine science in the first place. I LOVE the ocean.  Temperate conditions, light breeze, absolutely perfect for running. I am on the west coast mind you, so the water is cold, but the weather is usually pretty nice (when it isn’t foggy!).


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey there! Fellow SPA sister here to say that I love your blog! As a future law student, it’s really awesome to see people in higher ed managing to balance their studies with their commitment to healthy living. You give me hope – keep up the awesome work!

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