“Why should you write down your goal? A written goal represents a real commitment. Without a commitment, a goal is only a dream. A dream is something we would like to have happen, but are unwilling to pay the price to make it happen. Any worthwhile goal has its price! That price may be confronting a personal fear or investing a certain amount of time and effort. Whatever the goal is, if it’s worthwhile, you can bet there will be a price for achieving it.” –Bruce Wares

A list of my short and long term goals. I am a graduate student trying to earn my masters and train for my first marathon. Hence my particular goals and the blog name 🙂

1. Complete my first Half-Marathon event!

2. Participate in long distance events regularly; meaning at least one every 3-4 months (or more if time!). See events page for details.

3. Finish my Master’s degree by the end of December 2013!

  • Where I am with this goal: Finished with required courses, taking data and now working on data analysis and writing my thesis!!!

4. Complete my first Marathon event! This will probably be in 2014 when I have lots of time to train, I might make Long Beach my first full marathon event!

5. Complete Disney’s Coast to Coast challenge! This means that I need to compete in 2 of Disney’s long distance events (half+); one on each coast. Once I graduate, get a job and can afford to travel to Florida, I’d like to compete in the Disney Princess Half marathon 🙂 which occurs in Feb.  So this goal is still a couple years away.

6. Complete the Beach Cities Challenge! Means I need to complete 3 races back to back (each race is a few months apart).

6. Run an event on my birthday! Another goal years away (since this year my birthday fell on a Sunday), but something I want to do! The question becomes, will I still be running events in 2018? I certainly hope so!


11 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Love the goal list! Your blog is cute and I wish you the best of luck on the running and the grad school! I completed my MBA in 2009 and now without school, just have to shift my focus to something else as sitting around was just not working out for me.. 🙂
    (Though running would not be my #1 choice.. hehe).

  2. I did the Disney Coast-2-Coast this year, the runDisney events are SO much fun! I did my first marathon at Disney World last year and am doing the “Goofy Challenge” (half marathon Saturday and full marathon Sunday) in January. Let me know if you ever decide to do one of their events or have any questions about them!

  3. Hi! I recently started blogging, and just came across your blog! I love it, and am looking forward to reading about your accomplishments. My mom and I set a goal to run 50 half-marathons in 50 states- that might take a while for us to accomplish!

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