Running Costumes

Disney Characters

Disneyland Half Marathon 2013 Photo OpMinnie Mouse

Items: My first running costume was pretty simple. Black short sleeved v-neck tee (Walmart $5), pleated red spandex skirt (goodwill $3) over my spandex under-shorts, a red/white polka dot 13.1 Sweaty Bands headband ($15) and a minnie mouse ears/bow ensemble (goodwill $1).   Originally I planned to wear black leggings and arm warmer sleeves, but race day was during a humid heat wave down in So Cal. Ditched those, but after the race I donned my black compression socks! Other options: a polka dot skirt, yellow running shoes and a cute red hat!

IMG_4421Tweedles (Dee and Dum)

Items: Took a combined effort to put the outfits together. My duties: buy yellow shirts from Walmart ($5), athletic leggings from B-Skinz (Red Thunder $22 w/ discount), sparkly fabric (Goodwill $5), and black low cut socks from ProCompression (during sale). My mom did all the fancy work: turned the sparkly fabric into skirts (got a pattern from a fellow blogger’s site), bought fabric to make the bowties and collars, embroidered the collars with Tweedle Dee and Dum, bought red hats ($15) and baste stitched pipe cleaners with foam flags on top!

IMG_4436Cheshire Cat

Items: Even though the Cheshire cat is pink and purple, I had SUCH A HARD TIME finding pink/purple striped stuff! And when looking at the Disney Cheshire cat ears/tail merchandise (Amazon ~$15), the colors looked more hot pink/light pink than pink/purple. I decided to just use my own clothing to make my costume  pink/white. White C9 long sleeved shirt, white gloves, white C9 hat, pink C9 skirt P.S. The socks I got (Amazon) were some sort of loose acrylic blend, so I had to wear my marathon ProCompression socks underneath to prevent blisters.

another character in the works – August 2014

Disney Princesses & Pals

Click here to view the full blog post about making Pascal and Rapunzel!

Rumors an Anna costume is in the making- coming 2015

I’ll also show you how to make an Ariel inspired outfit too!


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