Baa, Baa, black sheep have you any wool? Yes, sir, yes sir, three bags full…

The creation of my sheep costume was inspired by one of my closest friends.  She and a group of her friends decided to make their own sheep costumes and go as a ‘flock’ of sheep! Too cute! Then to add a macabre halloween twist, her boyfriend at the time went as a butcher!  There is always the possibility of having a shepherd or Little Bo Peep go along with the group if you are looking for lighthearted humor instead!  Whatever your desire, this versatile costume can be worn on its own (‘lost sheep’) or can be part of a fun group costume!  When I told her that I wanted to make this sheep costume for halloween (2011), she sent me some jumbo cotton balls in the mail as part of my ‘birthday’ present! Even though it was part of a joke, it was great having some free cotton balls to use! Plus she gave me tips on what worked and what didn’t when she and her friends made their costumes! To read about how I made this costume, see below:

This costume was very simple to make. I found a form fitting dress at Goodwill (best to use cotton because glue will harden dress) and even though it was yellow, all the cotton balls covered it well! White or black would have been better…I had to glue ‘in stages’ because I would get tired of gluing and it was good to let the glue dry (hang dress to dry and make sure any seeped glue doesn’t stick to inside of dress!)

  1. Covering the dress: First of all you need about 2-3 bottles of fabric glue (craft store) and you need about 3-4 bags of 200+ count cotton balls.  No joke.  I found jumbo worked the best, since I got the most ‘coverage per ball’.  You can pretty much start gluing anywhere, I just worked my way from top to bottom on the front then did the back (so I wouldn’t have wet glue all over my wooden table).  If you have cardboard you can put down over your working surface (if you don’t have a craft table) then that would be ideal. Newspaper print might rub off on the white cotton!  Gluing technique: I would slightly pull the cotton ball apart and press it down on an area slathered with glue.  Repeat this process 1000 times (ok maybe slight exaggeration, but not much!). Once it looked like I ‘covered’ the entire dress, I then went back and tore tufts of cotton balls and glued them down between the glued cotton balls since the yellow still showed through at certain angles.   If you have a white dress, that shouldn’t be a problem!
  2. Making the ears: I bought a black head band and then cut out LARGE tear drop shaped ears from black felt. I then folded them slightly and glued them together at the end (so they would stay slightly folded). Then I glued one edge to the outside of the headband (both sides) just above my natural ears.  This way they hung down toward my shoulders.
  3. Making the necklace: I bought a lace/silk necklace set at Michaels and some bells.  I then strung one bell on the necklace and presto, done!

Final Costume: Ears, bell necklace, cotton dress, long black gloves, black tights and black flats (heels if you prefer!) And wear your hair however you like with the headband!

Any other group ideas for the use of a sheep costume?


7 thoughts on “Sheep

    • well, that would require me to actually put on the costume again since most of the Halloween pictures are of my face and not my whole body… And then the mermaid one is well ‘baring it all’ so…um. I should do that at some point when I have a person who can take a picture of me! OH we have a field outside our house it would be funny to do a sheep photo shoot out there! Even better! Like I’m grazing!

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