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Influenster Moda VoxBox

Just after Halloween, I received the Influenster #ModaVoxBox of health and beauty products complimentary so I could review the products on my blog! Check out what I thought of this pack below:

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Rimmel London Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara


  • Moisture Renew Lipstick: I received the Nude Delight share and it goes really well with my skin tone, so I love it! The lipstick does dry, so the color lasts, however I still need to use chapstick to coat my lips for some moisture. The lipstick has a light fragrance and also comes in a variety of colors.
  • There is also a clear lip liner that is recommended to use with the Moisture Renew lipsticks, which did help prevent feathering that sometimes happens with lipstick application.
  • I also received the Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara, which has an S shaped wand to help move along the contours of your eyelashes with one sweep.  I like that it didn’t clump and that it gave me darker and fuller lashes! Love all the products!
IMG_5663Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick
IMG_5628Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Liner

Puffs SoftPack


The Puffs Softpack has a plastic cover, so its easy to grab the last tissue when you run out! It is a must for allergies and colds since the tissues are gentle yet durable. Must for winter!
Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer


Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion leaves my skin feeling very hydrated and lightly fragranced.  It is a must to carry in your handbag if you get a travel version!
resource Natural Spring Water


Resource Spring Water is 100% natural spring water that contains naturally occurring electrolytes, which makes for a refreshing taste! Did you know the water comes in a bottle make from 50% recycled plastic? I usually bring my own reusable bottle, but I would use this brand for emergency source of water!
 Hair Food Moisture Hair Mask


I use this product on my hair after working out at the gym 2-3 times a week.  During the fall/winter seasons, my fine hair tends to dry out, so I really like that this Hair Food actually keeps my hair soft and silky even after the first use! #HairFood
 Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa


The Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa has just five ingredients: sugar, cocoa, nonfat milk, salt and natural flavors.  This tastes great with hot water or hot milk and dissolves easily for a smooth, rich taste. Totally recommend with marshmallows, just wish it came in a can with multiple servings I could scoop out.

Influenster Sunkissed VoxBox

As an Influenster member, once in a while I qualify for a program where I receive complimentary products for testing and review purposes! A couple weeks ago I received the Sunkissed VoxBox, so feel free to check out my first impressions/final verdict in the video or just read the full review below. 🙂

Products I LOVE from the VoxBox

Olay Fresh Effects {BB}cream Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream}: What is a {BB cream} you ask? In asian countries, the newest ‘rage’ in products is called Beauty Balm and is marketed as an ‘all in one’: moisturizer, foundation and sunblock.  Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream} has skin perfecting tinted moisturizer with SPF 15. It helps even skin tone and is marketed to blend into your skin type; however it is only offered in two shades, fair/light and light/medium.  I was a bit skeptical at first having freckles and all, but the fair/light does blend well and gives me a more even skin tone without muffing up my freckles! Plus it does moisturize well (I’m picky!) and gets into your skin, not just sit on top. Just dont wear it on a day you plan to exercise/sweat lightly. It comes off.  Full size is a 2.5fl oz tube (pictured) and the retail value is $12.99.

Verdict: Love it! Just wish it were waterproof and maybe SPF 30 being so active and fair skinned.

IMG_4786 Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics: These fun, ribbon style, elastic bands are great for ‘dressing up’ your hair for any occasion! I recieved a 5-pack for participating in a previous Influenster Goody Challenge, loved them and was excited to get more in this VoxBox! Plus, they are GREAT for wearing on your wrist! Normal hairbands cut into my wrists, but these look like cute bracelets when you wear them and do not leave painful impressions no matter how long you wear them.  Only thing, do not workout in them if you have slippery hair that  rejects most hair bands (me).  In the picture (left), the bottom silver one came off on a back to back bike ride and run. I was sad since I had duplicates of these ribbons, but my silver one will now remain a loner… Retail value $3.99-4.99 for a 5 pack (pink, purple, black, dark gray, and silver).

Verdict: Love them,but I’d like MORE COLORS! Blue, green or animal print ones would be so fun!

IMG_4814 SinfulShine with Gel Tech Nailpolish: Ok so I’m not much of a nail polish person since it ruins my nails, BUT this polish (even though its almost completely off now) has not made my thin nails peel! Usually when I get a manicure or paint my own nails, once the polish starts to come off, my nails start to get brittle, dry and then peel. Plus the polish really brings out a natural shine even without a topcoat! The color I recieved was Nouveau Purple (very dark eggplant color), not something I would pick for myself being so fair skinned, but even with one heavy coat (or two light coats) I got a dark glossy color (left). Please excuse my poorly painted nails (dont look too close!), I haven’t painted my hand nails in quite some time… Also, there is a bluish hue to the color in the light. $2.99 Walgreens

Verdict: FINALLY A NAIL POLISH THAT DOESNT DESTROY MY NAILS! I’d have liked a pink color more, but the purple grew on me after a while.

Product that didn’t work for me

Dr Scholls for Her Dr Scholls For Her High Heel Insoles: These ‘clinically proven’ insoles are supposed to help prevent foot pain caused by wearing heels 2″ or higher.  They have a cushioned arch support (gel) to help shift pressure off the ball of the foot. HOWEVER, they only come in a ‘one size fits all’ W size 6-10.  Unfortunately being a size 9, they really didn’t do anything for me.  Standing on one insole (no shoe) and lining up my heel with the bottom heel edge, the top only barely reached the ball of my foot. The only gel concentrated area is in the arch, not a whole lot in the entire insole itself. Plus I have high arches and I couldn’t feel any arch support regardless of what shoes I tried to put these in (flats or heels).  They have a sticky underside so it will stick to the insides of your shoes but you can test it without removing the plastic sticker cover. So while it is a good idea, it just proves that one size really does not work on all feet.  It would be better to have more custom sizes and widths, since the edges of my feet were plastered around the insole making it a bit weird to wear.  Retail value $10.99.

Verdict: NOT FOR BIG FEET! This product might work for women who wear size 6.

“Palm trees, ocean air, sunkissed hair: the endless summer, take me there” -Unknown

Bonus Brand Challenge Vlogs: Influenster Holiday VoxBox

A few weeks after the VoxBoxes have been shipped (and once nearly everyone has received them), Influenster offers people the chance to participate in ‘Brand challenges’ aka. the chance to win extra prizes!   Recently, I completed the challenges for three of my favorite products: the Goody QuikStyle, the Montagne Jeunesse face masks and KISS Nail Dress!


For each brand challenge, I have to complete anywhere from 3-4 tasks, like ‘liking’ the brand page, following them on twitter, posting a photo on instagram and making a vlog or dedicating a full post to one product. I haven’t vlogged in a while, so I decided to work on my vlogging skills (still lacking! esp with lighting….) and have shared them below! For the full review on ALL the products I received, check out my previous post Influenster Holiday VoxBox 2012.

Goody QuikStyle Vlog

Montagne Jeunesse Vlog

P.S. browse through some of the other Influenster vlogs to hear everyone’s unique ‘interpretation’ for how to pronounce Mont-an-ye June-ess! Fortunately I took french for 4 years….

KISS Nail Dress

Have you or would you ever try any of these products? 

Disclaimer: All products received in the voxbox were complimentary for testing purposes, but all opinions expressed are my own. Influenster is an exclusive online community where people come to share news and reviews on products.