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Celebrating Active Nation Day!

Happy Active Nation Day!  Can you feel the energy in the air? Find out how you can celebrate with all your fellow sporty sisters!

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This is the third year of celebrating Active Nation Day and the Lorna Jane mission behind it is to encourage women to share in their commitment to Active Living by getting a sweat on and moving their bodies. This is the inaugural year for going global, woot woot! Find out how I celebrated with fellow sporty sisters at a local Lorna Jane event in So Cal!

Santa Monica Active Nation Day Event

ActiveNationDay1A series of convenient events allowed me to attend the Santa Monica Lorna Jane Active Nation Day event (normally I’m in Nor Cal), so I made sure to take advantage of the awesome opportunity!

Mats were set up in an open area of the Santa Monica mall and we got to have a free class with Christine Bullock! She was very cute, energetic and seemed very exited to be leading an Active Nation Day 45 min workout for Lorna Jane sporty sisters 🙂 It was a combo of Turbo Kick, dance, pilates, yoga and represents a blend of what her workouts on her new Evolution20 dvd. Oh yeah and we did lots of #LJMOVE love during the entire workout 🙂

Then after the workout concluded, we got to check out the other sponsors of the event! Thank you for all the freebies, it was wonderful to try them out!

  • Larabar handed out snack sized bars (and lanyards),
  • Zico gave us refreshing Coconut Water,
  • Philosophie prepped some protein balls for us to taste,
  • Cafe Ugo let us sip some of their delicious (and a bit strong) coffee,
  • The Crown Collective allowed us to make flower crowns to wear,
  • Azure Salon gave complimentary hand massages and braided hairstyles,
  • Lorna Jane had a “Believe” board up for us to take pics with cool signs,
  • and Lorna Jane had a pop up shop for us to peruse their outfits!

How can you get involved? There are SO MANY ways!

Download the new Lorna Jane smartphone App to track your movement, register to participate one of their Events, and get your Active Armour sorted! Oh and did I mention Lorna Jane has a $1000 shopping spree giveaway going on? Read on to learn more!

The Lorna Jane app

First of all, I LOVE the Lorna Jane app’s motivational images! Not only do you get inspiration from the app, but it will track your movements as well! Check it out and download it today in the AppStore or GOOGLEPLAY (free!)


Don’t forget to enter Lorna Jane Social Media Giveaway!

The #LJMOVE is our way of asking you to show us just how you get moving, by taking a photo (or even better, filming it) of you incorporating the signature #LJMOVE into your daily workout! Have fun while doing so and get involved in moving on Active Nation Day.

To get YOU excited to show us your moves, we are running a competition to WIN some fresh new Lorna Jane threads! (Read competition Terms and Conditions at the end)

  1. DO THE #LJMOVE anytime, anywhere – video it or take a photo
  2. UPLOAD your video or photo to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook
  4. INSPIRE a sporty sister (or two) to do the #LJMOVE too by passing this on

 photo 1

Check out how I did my #LJMOVE with the “Believe” photo-op and motivational signs at the Santa Monica event on the left!

Overall I had a wonderful, exciting and sweaty Active Nation Day! Thank you Fit Approach for allowing me to participate in this Campaign since it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

You can follow Lorna Jane and Fit Approach via:

Twitter: @LornaJaneActive @FitApproach
Instagram: @lornajaneofficial @fitapproach
Facebook: Lorna Jane & Fit Approach


 Terms and conditions of #LJMOVE contest: Competition begins, Sept 10th 2014, and ends Sept, 30, 2014. Contest is open to entrants aged 18 and over only. This is a competition of skill. The user judged to have created the most creative and entertaining entries, will be selected as the winner by a representative of Lorna Jane. Multiple entries are accepted. Any fraudulent entries will immediately disqualify user from competition. The competition winner will be drawn no later than Oct, 1, 2014, in Brisbane Australia. The winner will be notified though Lorna Jane social media channels and winner posted on http://www.lornajane.com and/or http://www.lornajane.com.au. The prize is one $1000 Lorna Jane gift card. The Lorna Jane gift card is not available for return, exchange or redeemable for cash. Lost gift cards are the responsibility of the bearer and will not be replaced.


Fuel Your Better: Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator Review

Hey everyone! I had the awesome opportunity to review a product called the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator through the #FuelYourBetter Campaign with Vega Sport and Fit Approach! Check out how and when I used this in my training below!


What is Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator?

The first all-natural, plant-based recovery drink mix specifically developed to address all six key elements of post-workout recovery: muscle glycogen replenishment, muscle tissue repair and protein synthesis, hormonal support, soft-tissue repair, immune system support, inflammation reduction and rehydration. –  Vega Sport Website

Why Vega Recovery?

Vega Sport does have a huge variety of products to suit your needs before, during and after your workouts, in both drink and food/gel forms. I chose this product, Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator, to review because my body has been taking a beating lately between training for my first tri (and tri series) and additional cross training (yoga, body pump).  I figured I could use all the help I could get!

IMG_4775Testing Vega Recovery:

  • Brought a packet of Vega Sport Recovery to the gym with me after longer workout sessions: body pump or a swim/spin class combo (tri training). Shook it up in water bottle filled with 1.5 c water.
  • During the weekends after a long bike (5-10mi)+ run (3-4mi) combo for tri training). Made it in a glass of water with ice (tastes sooo good chilled!)

Taste and Mix-ability Results: Gritty but Tasty!

The flavor I was sent was Tropical (orange) and it tastes like a mix of citrus and other ‘tropical’ fruit (can’t tell if it is mango, papaya or what). On the right shows a picture of what it looks like in a glass when it is all mixed together.  It is a thick orange color and it does taste slightly gritty. I’m more of a berry girl, but the Tropical flavor works for me, not too sweet, nor does it leave a weird aftertaste.  However after consuming it, you can see little brown specks on the bottom of the glass (I assume are the plant extract grinds?). But overall, I do recommend this flavor, especially to people who enjoy ‘tropical’ mixes.

Initial Post-Workout Results: Less Hungry.

After my workouts, I followed the suggested time frame usage: consume within 20min of finishing a workout.  During the weekday gym visits, I normally eat a small breakfast before working out and wait until after I get to work to chow down on 2 packets of oatmeal.  But by then I was always starving since after a workout I have to shower/change and then drive or bike back to work.  I’ve estimated it takes about 30min between finishing a workout and actually eating breakfast (too long for me for a morning workout). However, having a Vega packet handy, I am able to drink in some calories (90 per serving), which satiates me just perfectly until I get to work to make some oatmeal. And I don’t have to make breakfast the utmost priority as soon as I stroll into work either, I have more flexibility and feel less rushed.

Following Day Workout Results: Less sore!

I have to say that I do feel less sore the following day, especially after body pump or bike/run sessions (which of the three workouts listed prior, those two make me most sore). When I first started using the product I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m all for less sore! Since I’ve used about 10 of the 12 packets (comes in packet or diy container mix forms), I don’t know how it affects my overall performance (since I haven’t used it after a race), but I would be interested in actually buying more of this to see longer term results.

Verdict: Yes for Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator! And again, Vega Sport has a variety of products to support every stage of a workout, so be sure to check them out!

Box of 12 individual packets (tested in this review) = $26.99
Container of ~20 servings = $39.99

What is your post workout recovery routine?

January: 30 day Challenges

Did you know you can sign up for free virtual challenges on Challenge Loop? Did you know many challenges offer prizes? Its totally awesome!

Instead of writing a new years resolution post or rewriting my goals for this year (I have an ongoing Goal page fyi), I wanted to share with you this awesome challenge website I’m using to start 2013 with a bang!  As a Greatist Ambassador, I was asked to join the December challenge that they hosted, but had no idea what Challenge Loop was and didn’t look into it until late Dec. At that time, I discovered three challenges for January that piqued my interest: Jen Morgan’s 30 day Ab challenge (I want toned abs and core strength), 2013 Yoga Challenge (#yogaeverydamnday, love that hashtag!), and Fit Approach’s Running Reboot Challenge (SWEAT PINK sisters unite!).

How can you join? Just sign in with Facebook or Twitter, create a short profile page and then JOIN one or more challenges! The rules are at the top of each page, aka. what you need to do in order to be eligible to win a prize.  The Ab and Yoga challenge require at least 8 posts within the 30 days (pictures and videos optional but encouraged), while the Fit Approach challenge requires only 4 posts, but each post MUST have a picture.

IMG_3362 IMG_3467

Ok so what everyone really wants to know is what the prizes are:

  • Ab Challenge: Women’s Health “BIG BOOK OF ABS”
  • Yoga Challenge: yoga wear, yoga mat, jewelry and more from YogaEarth, Drop Of Mindfulness, LuvMat and Blooming Lotus Jewelry.
  • Fit Approach Running Reboot: A $59.00 Splits59 gift certificate to a few lucky participants!

How am I doing? Check out some photos below of me participating in the challenges like the ones above and on my profile page! I will do a recap at the end of the final challenge (Fit Approach runs, bad pun, through Feb 7th) on how this went! It’s only the 13th, you still have 18 days left to participate in Ab & Yoga challenges and 24 days for Fit Approach challenge! JOIN TODAY! It’s super fun and addicting! P.S. sometimes the app on my phone crashes or won’t load…only bummer. But the website from computer works great!

Have you signed up for any? Are you interested?

Sweat Pink Ambassador Vlog: Curb Workout Ruts

Hi everyone! This week’s Sweat Pink Ambassador Vlog Challenge topic is about getting out of a workout rut! Be sure to tune in each week to hear about the new topic of discussion! 🙂

Quick Tip Guide (see vlog for in depth discussion):

1. Write down thoughts/feelings and try to figure out why you are in a workout rut.

2. Make a plan to get out of the workout rut (seek professional opinion if you are stumped!)

3. Find a workout buddy/support system to help you along the way!

P.S. I got my Sweat Pink Ambassador swag a few days ago, so excited to wear it in my vlog this week!!!

What are your tips for getting out of a workout rut?

Sweat Pink Ambassador Vlog: DIY Caprese Salad

Hi everyone! This week’s Sweat Pink Ambassador Vlog Challenge topic is about a favorite recipe! I will be showing you how to make my own version of Trader Joe’s Arugula Caprese Salad with Basil Dressing.  Be sure to tune in each week to hear about the new topic of discussion!

Salad Ingredients:

  1. 1 generous  handful of arugula
  2. 1 handful of sugar plum or cherry tomatoes; ~ half cup
  3. 3 small mozzarella balls cut in quarters (or omit for less calories)

What you will need to make the dressing:  

  1. LOTS of Fresh basil (about a half cup of chopped leaves)
  2.  1/3 c olive oil (I like extra virgin)
  3. 1 clove of garlic, minced.
  4. Juice of a full small lemon (I like acidity in my dressing, so add to taste)
  5. and a few pinches of salt.

Make the dressing: I put the basil, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and salt into my little cuisinart food processor and blend until smooth.  To put the salad together, I add the arugula, tomatoes, cheese bits and then pour some dressing on top. I love making salads with my Fit n Fresh salad container because I can shake it after I put everything inside, so I end up with evenly distributed dressing (so I don’t have to add more than necessary) 🙂

For those of you counting calories here is the approximate caloric breakdown

  1. 2 cups arugula ~ 20 calories
  2. ½ cup sugar plum tomatoes ~ 20-30 cal.
  3. 3 mozzarella balls ~ 60 calories (20 cal ea.)
  4. The dressing is the most ‘calorie dense’; 1 tbsp of olive oil ~ 120 calories.  If you want to ‘water it down’, add less olive oil, add a LOT more lemon juice and basil.

And that brings us to a total of about 225 calories per serving (with 1tbsp of dressing!).

Tejava Tea is an unsweetened microbrewed tea. Related Pages/Posts: Recipes.

What is your go-to quick & easy recipe? Feel free to share the link below!